It was created on August 15 ,2011 the same day  in which we celebrated  an anniversary of the founding  of our first city , Villa de Baracoa. 

Motivated by the love of our cuisine , and led by the main Chef  and creator of this product  Ángel Roque, along  with two other proffesionals , two symbols of our culture were chosen to be part of our name: coffee and  Ajiaco , and that´s how our restaurant Ajiaco Café was born .

We offer genuinely Cuban products , based on the recovery of local and traditional recipes to which we added some ingredients from the Spanish and Italian cuisines , which are very influential in the eating habits of our people .We also offer a kind customer service in a completely  traditional environment.

In September  2013 one of the initial founders left the place and two Habanos Sommeliers came to be part of our team and continue working  on this genuinely Cuban product.