Salsa perro from Caibarién


In 1899 España Hotel (Spain Hotel) was inaugurated in Caibarién city. There was a seafood restaurant in this hotel .

One night , due to the bad weather and the winds , all fishing boats were forced to enter port . The restaurant was already closed because it was past 11:30 PM . The owner of the place, Francisco Pared heard someone knocking at the door.It was a fisherman that wanted to have something to eat . As there was almost no food left in the kitchen , Mr Pared tried to prepare a dish with the leftlovers. He said to his client : "Here i bring you a salsa para perros(sauce for dogs) which might not be very tasty, but it is what I could prepare for you ".

According to the legend, the same fisherman continued visiting the restaurant and he had the same dish every time he went there , which made the owner include this dish in the daily menu of the restaurant.