Gregorio Fuentes Patron De El Pilar

Cojimar , like many other Taino words , has remained in our cultural heritage as part of  the Cuban identity . Cojimar is a native word,  that is the reasons why it is universal and there is no other place in the world named like that . In Arauco, language used by our native people in this place. Cojimar means the coming of water into fertile soil.

Nowdays , Cojimar has reserved areas such as the coastal swamp and the natural landscape Valle del rio Cojimar (Cojimar River´s  Valley ). There are also archeological  sites like  Cueva del Indio ( The Indiasn´s Cave ) and Hoyo de Cojimar (Cojimar´s Hole ) . Another important place in this area is the square and bust dedicated to  Ernest Hemingway . Other personalities related to art are linked to this locality . Raúl Corrales, internationally known photographer , Mirta Yáñez and  Arturo Arango writers, Nelson Domínguez,  a famous plastic artist , and  Rene Touzet a world - wide known composer .